Month Six: January

I was almost going to give up on this, but seeing as I have already given up my new years resolutions (be less messy and do one exciting thing everyday) I didn’t think I could legitimately give up another thing, and also there are only a few months left now, soooo half a month late – here are my ramblings about Jan 🙂

Returning to HK from Boracay, The Philippines with massive post-holiday blues myself Lucy and Eleanor felt very excited and lucky to be packing ourselves off somewhere else for the final part of our extended Christmas Holiday. Having booked a cheap deal back in November, with virtually no knowledge about the city barr knowing that is has some very tall towers (they are sick) we didn’t really know what to expect of our 4 days in Kuala Lumpur, but were very keen. I did a brief amount of research before I went, and was excited to visit a city described as ‘very multicultural and diverse, with endless amounts of different foods from around the world.’ For an international city, Hong Kong is surprisingly un-multicultural and is quite  homogeneous, especially as it does not particularly promote difference and individualism, so I was looking forward to seeing somewhere that was very different!

To be honest, Jan feels quite a long time ago now, and so the trip is a bit of a blurr, but overall it was great. We spent the first evening wandering the streets of China Town near our amazing hostel (shout out to Reggae Reggae Mansion), stopping to eat at as many opportunities as possible. We also happened upon this beautiful Hindu temple nestled away in a small side-street and were very impressed with our first few experience of the city.

street food

hindu china town

We had heard that our hostel arranged a tour to see the ‘seven wonders of KL’ and after spending the night drinking on the roof, were persuaded by our new Austrian friends to sign up at 5am. Managing to get up at 8am ready for the tour of our lives we were told by the hostel staff that writing our names across the sheet of paper and crossing off other peoples names didn’t get us a place. However, I wasn’t going to let this ruin our day and so armed with a map decided I didn’t need no tour guide, and that I could take us around the seven wonders myself.

tour guide

I had carefully constructed a route beginning with the central mosque and we set off to see the city with the tour bus driving on past us. I was very confident in my tour guiding abilities, but it didn’t start well and when we arrived at the mosque it was closed… After that, I accepted that perhaps my career didn’t lie in tourism, but we spent the rest of the day wandering as much of the city as we could and taking in the sights. Unlike Hong Kong, KL is very quiet and really enjoyable just to explore on foot – especially as it has such interesting and diverse architecture.

KL1   kl4


We spent the morning sightseeing and then headed over to spend the afternoon in Little India, a district of KL with a dense Indian population and crammed full of interesting shops and amazing food. I loved it there, it was so vibrant and interesting and the people were so friendly, it also reminded me a lot of certain areas of Birmingham so that was nice 🙂 Also, the food was probably the best Indian food I have ever eaten, so all in all well done Little India.

little india

idian food

After eating a ridiculous amount we headed back towards Sentral to see the famous Petronas Towers. The tallest twin towers in the world did not disappoint and we joined the hoards of people crouching awkwardly to try and get a photo that truly represented their size.

towers 1 towers2

Following another night drinking on the roof with our European buddies (turns out England…not all that popular in Europe) and the crazy hostel owner Mr Chow (personality entirely modelled on the Mr Chow from the Hangover) we were more than a little hazy headed as we set out on our next day of exploring. We headed back to the central mosque, which despite being open this time was pretty disappointing and was not nearly as beautiful as other mosques we had seen dotted around the city. Essentially it was quite like a large community hall  and I wasn’t very fond of wearing a Burqa but it did make for quite hilariously awkward photos.


burqa 2

After the mosque, we headed out of the city for the our final attempt at getting close to seeing these ‘7 wonders’ to see the Batu Caves, which were pretty cool and big competition for HK’s Big Buddha. Unfortunately, the Hindu shrines were quite run down, but it was still naturally beautiful and quite a sight once you made it up the steps.


cave2 cave3

We spent our final night drinking on the roof again and looking over the skyline of the city, before heading back to Hong Kong the following morning very hungover and reluctant to go back to work.

It was a great trip and start to 2014 and all in all…..

i love kl


Other January highlights included a visit from our Austrian buddies that we met in KL (who were distinctly unimpressed with HK!), Taz’s Birthday night out and a day trip at Ocean Park 🙂

ocean park 3 ocean park1

ocean park2

taz birthday 2 taz birthday

On the last day of Jan I headed off to Thailand, and will fill ya’ll in on that soon 🙂


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